1. 1 Ain't No Free Chicken 04:57 Info
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  2. 2 No Time For That ft. Shooter Sharod 03:41 Info Your price

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  3. 3 F5 (ft. Yung Prophecy and Mikey G) 04:23
  4. 4 Turn It Up (ft. Spectra) 01:13
  5. 5 Dirty (ft. Mikey G) 03:49
  6. 6 Take Your Medicine 02:50
  7. 7 Possessed (ft. John Doe) 03:48
  8. 8 Ms. Instigator (ft. Spectra) 04:43
  9. 9 Small Town America 03:28
  10. 10 Work 05:04
  11. 11 Looking For Trouble 03:44
  12. 12 Just One Drink (ft. Spectra) 05:09
  13. 13 Bad Taste (ft. Spectra) 04:56
  14. 14 O Face 03:32
  15. 15 Drive On 03:45
  16. 16 Pimpin America 04:53
  17. 17 Lone Star Outlaw 04:36 Info
  18. 18 Down South (ft. Ruben G) 04:24

"Lone Star Outlaw" available on your favorite streaming platforms 

RCX's new album "Lone Star Outlaw" is now available for streaming and purchase on most streaming websites including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and many more.

Go check out the album now and comment what your favorite track is.


Spotify Link:


RCX releases new promo video "F5" 

Today, RCX released his new video for his song "F5", the first song on his new, upcoming album, "Lonestar Outlaw". The video was self produced by RCX and it was his first time using green screen technology in one of his self produced videos. RCX says, "Working on this video was a great learning experience, and while it does have a few flaws, I think it was a great first attempt." The song F5 also contains two feature verse from Mikey G of Ill MInd Entertainment and Yung Prophecy of WAR studios. The full version of the song will be available upon the release of RCX's album, due out this Summer.


Follow the link to watch the exclusive video.


RCX show and album updates 

RCX will be performing live at the Master of the Mic #3 Dallas Round 1 where he hopes to advance and eventually become 2017's Master of the Mic. Be sure to go out and give the kid some love. It goes down on 5/19 at the Dirty 30 in Dallas. He will also be reuniting with his label, Smokem Records, on 6/24 and performing in Lisle, Illinois in the Chicago Suburbs with headliner Mikey G. More shows are in the works with some national touring acts to be revealed soon.

As for his album, titled Lone Star Outlaw, RCX has complete all recording and mixing, with the help of Yung Prophecy. He is currently awaiting the completion of the mastering process before sending the record for duplication and digital distribution as well as launching a southern and midwest tour.

RCX also has his first official merchandise available for sail...the Lone Star Outlaw official T Shirt, which can be order directly through this website, any of his social media sites, or in person for only $20.

RCX is also currently in studio, as he awaits the mastering of Lone Star Outlaw to be completed, working on his follow up records and a mixtape featuring production from local Dallas producer, Yung Bala.

New Year, New News 

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! RCX is currently hard at work in the studio finishing the final tracks for his upcoming album, and first Smokem Records release. Recording will end at the end of January, and the album is to be mastered with Yung Prophecy of BCE out of Aurora, Illinois. Currently, the album consists of tracks featuring artists such as Spectra, Yung Prophecy (BCE), Mikey G (Ill Mind Ent), and Shooter Sharod. Two singles and a music video have also been released in anticipation for the new album, all which are available on RCXmusic.com. 

Along with the completion on the album, RCX is performing at Legworks Promotion presents Welcome Back Masa Lopez Live on January 27, 2017. Tickets are available through RCX (email RCXofsmokemrecords@gmail.com) or through Legworks Promotions. Information about the show is available in the upcoming events section of this website.

RCX is also working with his label Smokem Records to book shows in Texas and the surrounding region for their 2017 Tour. If you are a fan, artist or promoter and would like to have a show in your town, contact RCX (email RCXofsmokemrecords@gmail.com) or White Smoke, president of Smokem Records (email whitesmoke1127@gmail.com).

More updates in the weeks to come along with the release of another single and music video are the reasons that you NEED to be tuned in to RCXmusic.com. So join the club!!

RCX to release music video for "No Time For That" 

RCX will be releasing the official video for his first single "No Time For That" on Monday, 9/26/2016. The video was shot in the Fort Worth Stockyards in various locations. Make sure to check the video out when it drops on Monday, but until then make sure you get familiar with the lyrics by checking it out on the RCX of Smokem Records Youtube channel and check out the new single release last week, "Ain't No Free Chicken". This song combines Rock and Rap, with RCX ripping a guitar solo that goes harder than woodpecker lips. Check it out now!

RCX Releases First Single from Upcoming Album "No Time For That" 

RCX and RCX Productions are proud to announce the release of our first single "No Time For That" featuring our artist Shooter Sharod. The instrumental was produced by RCX, himself, as well as being engineer by RCX. Smokem Records affiliate Yung Prophecy, of Bone Crusher Entertainment, did an excellent job mixing the song and bringing out it's full potential. Check the song out here and buy it, all proceeds go to the production of the next single/music video. There will also be a music video to accompany this song as well, post-production has just been completed and the video will be released within the next 2 to 3 weeks, RCX's first solo music video since 2011's "Street's of Wichita". Be sure to buy the song and stay on the look out for new music from RCX and Shooter Sharod.

Youtube Official Audio for "No Time For That"


RCX and Shooter Sharod Live @ the Power of Music Seminar in Dallas, TX 

RCX and Shooter Sharod performed at the "Power of Music" seminar in Dallas, TX for industry professionals, including Ron Spaulding (of Spaulding Enterprises and Priority Records fame) as well as A&R for Columbia and Universal. RCX moved the crowd with his performance of the new single "No Time For That". Visit his youtube channel now to catch the performance and be on the look out for the single and video to drop and be exclusively available here, or RCXmusic.com. #RCX #ShooterSharod #PowerofMusic


Shooter Sharod "Reflections" Release Party 

Come join us live at the Underpass in Dallas, Texas as we celebrate the release of Shooter Sharod's first mixtape! He will be performing singles from his mixtape live, but you'll also get performances from MC's so hot they make the sun sweat! So come on out Friday, July 1, 2016 at 9:00 pm for the hottest show so far this Summer. Door is only $10, 21+ to get in! We will be RAFFLING OFF BOTTLES, so get out and get your chance to win some booze!! The show is at the Underpass, so that means FREE PARKING!

Shooter Sharod Live @ Fresh Rhymes @ the Crown and Harp 

Come out tomorrow night (Thursday, May 18) and support Shooter Sharod as he hits the stage of the Crown and Harp in Dallas. Featuring some of Dallas's best hip hop and acts from around the region. RCX Productions will be in the house as well as a few special guests performing with Shooter. Entry is $7, +21. Come on out and lets kick this weekend off right!